Our Story

Our Story is Your Story

You walk into the bar, you see one of your friends talking to a lovely lady - a lovely lady way out of his league. They both make eye contact with you - and you with them. Little does your friend know that as you reach to your waist you are wearing your fashionable dick belt. Business in the front and Long Dong Silver on the back. You pull the belt tail out - anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of it - and you flop that heat-seeking moisture missile between your legs, exposing a glorious piece of cartoon man-meat that is a god among trouser snakes. As their eyes fall toward your Cock-a-Saurus Rex, all you can think is about how much fun you and your friends are going to have with your new Vaginal Depth Detector.
It's time to embrace a brave new world. 
A world where you can Rock Out With Your Cock Out.