Is this for real?

Yes, this is for real. We make belts with dicks on them. Too many times in our lives we are presented with situations when you need an instant dick - and now we can fulfill that need.

Why do I want a Dick Belt?

You don't want a Dick Belt. You need a Dick Belt. Imagine how much fun it will be having a floppable cock at your disposable!  It also makes a great gag gift.

Where can I use my new Dick Belt?

Lots of places! Use it at the bar, during a game of beer pong, while at court for that speeding ticket or even at your favorite Whole Foods or 7 Eleven.

How can I share this with the world?

#dickbelt on Instagram and The Richard Belt Company on Facebook!

How do you only offer one size?

In Dick Belts - one size fits most! Our buckle doubles as a bottle opener AND is adjustable! Meaning we can cover a waist size up to 42" and promise a 12 inch flop to everyone! No more throwing a hot dog into an airplane hangar and feeling inadequate!

How does the ordering process work?

Once you confirm your order and we have your cold, hard cash (the cold, hard cash you earned so you could spend it on a belt with a dick on it?), we will begin to process your order. We'll get your Dick Belt out to you as soon as we can - usually within 24 hours.

Will you be producing a business professional version of Dick Belt?

Yes! Why would we leave our business friends in the dark on this? A leather version is being designed that will go great while presenting a PowerPoint deck, talking around the water cooler or flashing between cubicles.

Do you accept Returns?

The Richard Belt Company is a one-man slinging operation. In the case of an incorrect order being shipped or error on our end, we will make you whole as much as possible. 

Yo, where is my belt?!?

Settle Down Hoss! We ship within 48 hours for all orders to make sure you get your belt lickidity split. We offer First Class and Priority Mail with tracking. Please note if you select First Class Mail - it can take 5-7 days tor each you internationally and as long as  month internationally depending on your countries mail service! We do not offer refunds due to a delay in shipping by a third party via first class mail - please take note if you are not US based. Most international orders arrive within 2 weeks.

Know a celebrity or someone in tune with social media that wants to become a Dick Belt brand ambassador?

We look for high impact individuals in the public eye. People that truly embody our 'Rock Out With Your Cock Out" mentality and can show the world what The Dick Belt has to offer. If you know somebody like this - send them our way with an address. Once we confirm their identity, we'll make sure we put a Dick Belt in the mail for them and one for you for helping out.

How can we contact the mastermind behind The Dick Belt?

We prefer to be reached by email for all customer and media inquiries - thedickbelt@gmail.com. If you really need us, you can call the Dick Phone at 832-304-0912. Please note - The Dick Phone can barely hold a charge - so the quickest way to get us is via thedickbelt@gmail.com